Our job is to ensure you can do yours! Our software scans for potential issues and identifies complications that may result from slow servers, potential security breaches, data spikes, and monitors for predictive signals for potential server or application crashes.

Managed Information Technology Services used to be about Cost Savings, but they’ve now become more about Cost Benefits as they allow a business to focus on generating revenue and helping it become more efficient.

Managed Services Software permits working toward two goals:

  1. Every connected device on a network that can result in a user symptom or risk sends an alert before, or when, it happens.
  2. Each alert is important and must be acted upon.

The closer these goals can be met the lower the number of emergencies and the further ahead of the curve the Managed Information Technology Service gets.


  • Cyber Security
  • Email, CRM, Digital Marketing – Basic Software Infrastructure
  • Software Systems – Applications Management and Business Processes
  • Website Hosting and site architecture
  • Backoffice Systems
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Management
  • Network Capacity Management

Data Analytics:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Architecture Monitoring

Basic Services:

  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • Basic Software Infrastructure

Our managed services are designed to complement inhouse Information Technology resources NOT to replace them, freeing up time for your inhouse team to focus on more strategic projects.

Small businesses must use technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively. The challenges for a small business to deal with Information Technology complexity are increasing exponentially. In the absence of Managed IT services, this leads to the risk of critical areas being neglected. So, when they do inevitably break there’s a significant expense associated with downtime on mission critical platforms.

Managed Services focus on the concept of preventative maintenance versus fixing breakdowns after they occur. Waiting to fix breakdowns cannot work in the modern digital environment because businesses are dependent on mission-critical information technology systems. Pro-actively maintained networks running software applications optimized for the business requirements and users, will always run better than ones that are not.

Four Benefits of Managed Services

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimized downtime
  • Focus on running the business not the platform

Managed Services Vs. Remote Dial-in

Providing managed services requires a substantial investment in technology and expert staff. Some companies offering “managed services” are merely dialing in to fix problems and not monitoring for ongoing network health that prevent issues from occurring in the first place. Dial-in is no more than a souped-up version of break-fix utilizing the internet to access a network after a problem has occurred.

What type of maintenance do you currently have?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you’re utilizing a break-fix approach to network maintenance and may benefit from Managed IT Services without incurring additional cost.

  1. Are you notified if your backup fails to run?
  2. Do you know the age of all the network equipment and where the next failure point is most likely to occur?
  3. Do you know if all your hardware is adequately protected with the current anti-virus software?
  4. Do you know if all the latest security patches have been installed on network devices?
  5. Do you know who is downloading what and from where?
  6. Do you know who the heaviest traffic users are?
  7. Do you know which devices are maxed out on memory and why?
  8. Do you have one number to call for all your technology service requirements?
  9. Do you only hear from the computer guys when something has broken and systems are down?

Do you know if your network is running as fast as it should be?

Would you like to know if you’re ready for managed services, cloud computing, or virtualization? Middle Tennessee Office Products offers a FREE network evaluation.

Our expert technicians will review your network and determine whether your infrastructure will support the technologies you are most suited for. They will identify any bottlenecks that currently prevent your network from its peak performance and, after the evaluation, we’ll provide you with a written report that tells you what steps you should take to improve network performance.

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