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The RS⁴ Program will forever change how your customers view procurement for their business needs!

We will enable you to present a catalog of more than half a million items - probably ten times your current offer. However, while this may be great for meeting a wide range of your customer's business needs, it could lead to frustration when users are confronted with multiple product options that can significantly increase their risk of making poor procurement decisions. Although the typical consumer e-commerce experience is designed for the individual to take full responsibility for product selection and purchases, the problem frequently encountered in a business environment, besides the opportunity cost associated with wasted time and the risk of making poor procurement decisions, is that it also introduces the potential for spending more than necessary.

The RS⁴ program empowers customers to utilize their dealer's expertise to identify the products that best fit their needs. Then, electronically capturing this information means it can be utilized repeatedly at the individual user level without anyone needing to babysit daily business procurement decisions.


Now you have the flavor of our RS⁴ program, if you'd like to schedule a no-obligation 30-minute complimentary consultation to answer any questions, please click the button below. Our pledge during the call is not to attempt to sell you anything but to obtain your agreement to install the RS⁴ monitor so we can go ahead and initiate Step 1 of the RS⁴ program. Remember, you will always be in control of the software installation. Suppose, for any reason, you decide you want to remove the software in the future. In that case, you are in complete control and may take appropriate uninstall action without asking us to intervene.

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